Shocking Report:

World-Renowned Brain Specialist & Former NASA Scientist WARNED The Government About The Damaging Effects Of Isolation During The Pandemic - And A Harvard Study Just Proved He Was Right

Now, He's Blowing The Whistle & Revealing The 6 Biggest Consequences On The Brain From The Pandemic That NO ONE Is Telling You

If You Feel Like You're Mentally & Physically Worse Off Than Before The Pandemic, It's Not Your Imagination And This Report Could Be Critical To Your Long-Term Health

Corona Virus

Mainstream media won't talk about it...Dr. Fauci won't talk about it...And the largest government agencies won't talk about it...Because it doesn't "fit their agenda"...Well if no one one else is going to tell you the truth... I suppose it's up to me.I tried to warn them. I freely offered my 50 years of brain expertise to them for the good of my country...And no one listened.Hopefully today, you will have the courage...Because for millions of Americans who have made it through the pandemic, our brains simply aren't what they used to be.They've changed since the pandemic, and studies say, not for the better.According to a devastating new report from Harvard, the years-long period of lifestyle disruptions have triggered brain inflammation that affects overall mental health.1Which could lead to serious health issues down the road... including Alzheimer's.This is the national health crisis no one will talk about...And yet, there is a simple protocol that can reverse the damage that's been done to your brain over the past few years and get you operating at pre-pandemic levels.If that sounds like a) the answer to your prayers, and b) too good to be true...Then trust me, you're in the right place.If you just haven't felt the same since the pandemic… if you feel like you can't think straight, have trouble focusing...If your mood goes up and down without warning, or your memory seems foggy and unclear...I urge you to keep reading, because what you're about to learn will have a real, lasting impact on your brain - today, tomorrow, and even years from now.Because today, in this report, you're about to discover...

  • The shocking truth about what the pandemic has done to the health of your brain
  • What "pandemic brain" is and why millions of Americans are suffering from it without even realizing
  • Why I tried to warn our government that isolating people was the WORST thing they could have done for our wellbeing
  • The Harvard study that confirmed my worst fears about isolation during the pandemic
  • The 5 biggest consequences the pandemic has had on the brain
  • How brain inflammation could pave the way for Alzheimer's disease if not addressed immediately
  • Why the modern approach to stopping cognitive decline is all wrong
  • The 7 "Pillars of Brain Health"
And finally...
  • The revolutionary, doctor-formulated protocol that will reverse brain inflammation incurred by the pandemic and restore your brain to where it was before covid-19

Now, I should warn you right now...If you're hoping this is going to be another pitch from the "masterminds" of Big Pharma...If you think the ONLY way to enjoy a healthy, active, strong brain is through medication...You should stop reading now...Because Big Pharma has already won. They've sold you a lie and unfortunately, you bought it.IF, however, you're ready to hear from a world-renowned brain health expert...Who is ready to blow the whistle on Big Pharma's shady tactics and reveal a simple, at-home method that will help you defeat "Pandemic Brain" and get you back to the cognitive strength you enjoyed before this whole mess started...Then please, I urge you to continue reading this critical report.

Nurse holding COVID map

First, though, I need to take you back to a time that was not very long ago, yet feels like another lifetime.Think back to March 2020... Which will go down as one of the most significant months in American history...Try to remember the uncertainty in the air...We saw what was happening in China, and then Italy...And we were told we were next.Surely, it wouldn't be as bad as everyone thought, right?Government-issued lockdowns? Stay-at-home orders?Maybe in far-away lands, but that wasn't us...That wasn't America...Right?Then we started hearing the rumors...About the "new normal"...And what that would mean for each of us...And I sprang into action...Because I knew what would happen if we were confined to our homes and basically prohibited from interacting with each other...And the lasting damage it would have on our brains.Sadly, it looks like I was right.I used my considerable contacts within the U.S. government and made calls to everyone I could think of...I wrote emails... impassioned letters...Even tried communicating over social media...Anything I could think of to try and tell them what I knew...Which is what happens to the human brain when it's deprived of real, quality interaction with others...And even more concerning... what that could mean for long-term brain health.

Businesses closed

Well, the lockdowns happened, and what's done is done, and now we're left to clean up the mess our elected officials made for us...Namely, dangerous inflammation on our brains, as confirmed by a Harvard study.Which is what led me to develop the one-of-a-kind "Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol" that I'm about to share with you...That will help you hit the “reset” button on your brain, which has probably aged 15 years in the last 3...And help get your brain running like it was before we ever heard the term "covid-19."Best of all, you'll be able to better protect yourself against deadly neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, and keep your brain happy and healthy for life.Now you might be thinking, "That's impossible - there's nothing you can do to fight Alzheimer's."Well, think again...Because with this simple, at-home method, you can boost your brain power and give yourself the best chance for optimal brain health your entire life.And contrary to what you may have been told, the path to full cognitive strength doesn't need to involve taking dangerous medication...In fact, as I'm about to reveal, many experts agree that simply taking a pill for brain health is like using an ice pack to heal a broken bone.I can confidently say, in all my 50 years of experience practicing medicine, there has never been an at-home method for reducing brain inflammation and boosting overall cognitive strength that is as simple or effective as I'm about to reveal

Cognitive training

And it works for anyone who feels like their memory has dimmed, or they just can't stay focused on important tasks, or are worried about losing their independence due to a failing brain.Best of all, it helps defeat "swollen brain" and gets you back to the sharp, quick-witted person you feel like you've lost over the past few years.So how have our brains changed since the pandemic started? And why is it such a serious issue? We'll get to that in just a second...First, let me quickly introduce myself to you...

My name is Dr. Sam Walters. My patients call me Dr. Sam.And as I just mentioned, I've been practicing medicine for over half a century...I've helped thousands and thousands of patients boost their brain health, improve their memory and even reverse existing harm done to the brain.And the crowning achievement of my career occurred when I was asked to become a scientist for NASA...

Where it was my job to ensure the health of astronauts in order to keep their minds sharp while in the deep, lonely reaches of space.I'm incredibly humbled to say I've been regarded as one of the world's foremost experts on brain health and memory...To put it frankly, I know how the human brain works. I know what it needs to function properly and the things it should avoid.And that was certainly the case long before the pandemic started...So when I say this, you can rest assured I do not do so lightly:The conditions of prolonged isolation as a result of the covid-19 pandemic were like a toxic potion for the brain...Each of its ingredients more sinister than the last.Fear. Uncertainty. Stress. Frustration. Loneliness.These things are like poison to the brain, and like many poisons, their effects can linger long after they've been flushed from the body...Which is why I was making frantic calls to everyone on my contacts list within the United States government, with one very stern warning...

"Isolating the entire country will have DIRE consequences on our brains for years to come."

Now, maybe they thought I was overreacting. Maybe they thought I was just looking to get my name in the news...Maybe they thought they had no other choice...Whatever their reason, no one ever got back to me or responded to my repeated warnings about the damaging effects of isolation.And now, because the government forced us to stay home and live in isolation for multiple years...Our brains have been altered.We now suffer from what I've come to call "Pandemic Brain," where the stressors, isolation and loneliness of the covid-19 pandemic have altered our brains and put us on track for long-term brain issues.This was my worst fear - exactly what I tried to warn our leaders about...And my words fell on deaf ears.Is it too late? Can we get back what we lost?In my expert opinion...


You CAN undo the damage that's been done to your brain by being forced to isolate...You can rejuvenate your brain and regain the cognitive strength you had before the pandemic...And you can do it without having to swallow a handful of different pills that Big Pharma swears is the only way for you to keep a healthy brain.

In fact, in just a moment I'm going to reveal the 7 Pillars of Brain Health, and show how you can integrate them into your lives as easily as possible...So that you can fight back against the "swollen brain" epidemic that has taken over this country.First, though, I want to make sure you understand a couple key things:How the brain works, how it becomes inflamed or "swollen," and how serious this problem is...Because it's not going to be getting any coverage on the 24-hour news stations tonight, tomorrow or any other night...And yet it's got huge implications for your long-term health and independence.Think about a time you twisted, rolled or sprained your ankle and it became swollen...It's happened to all of us at one point in our lives... and it can make even the simplest everyday tasks a frustrating and painful experience.And that's just an ANKLE.Brain inflammation has been linked to everything from brain fog to unclear thoughts and mental fatigue...To even poor memory, slow mental speed, inability to focus and poor judgment.Again, this is one of the most significant fallouts from the pandemic with regards to your health, and no one is talking about it.And this needs to change...


Because when you're living with Pandemic Brain, you're stuck living a life that makes you feel less like you're in the "driver's seat"...And more like you're "stuck in the mud."When you lose mental sharpness and that pep in your step that you've enjoyed throughout your life...After years of hard work and sacrifice in order to secure a successful career, start a beautiful family, and become part of a community...Well, take it from me, a brain health expert who has helped thousands of patients with their memory and brain health...It makes your "Golden Years" a lot less golden.And that was the case long before this dreaded pandemic accelerated brain inflammation.Memory loss... lack of youthful energy... feeling like your best years are behind you...Sound familiar?That's not just your age... it's the lasting effects of a time unlike any other in your life.And if you think "There's no way the pandemic has had THAT big an impact on my brain health," consider this...

Brain inflammation is now being cited as a primary cause of depression, and feeling "worn out" and "past your prime"...

So how does this happen?Well, at the root of your swollen brain is an out-of-control response by the brain's immune system.That's right, your brain actually has its own immune system separate from the rest of the body!And inside the immune system are specialized cells known as microglia.Let's put it this way...Think of your brain as a busy city.The neurons form a high-speed network that allows information to get where it needs to be...

Neurons and nervous systems

And the microglia are like the emergency services, police force and sanitation department all rolled into one...Whose job it is to keep out intruders, clean up garbage that shouldn't be there, protect brain cells and keep everything running smoothly.But that's not all...Recent research has revealed we've massively underestimated how important these microglial cells are to memory and clear thinking.That's because there's something else we've learned about microglia...And make sure you pay close attention here...When you're exposed to major stressful events or recurring "micro-stressors"...Just like what we've all been through in the past couple years with the pandemic...Those glial cells can switch to attack mode.And that, my friend, is a BIG problem.Can you imagine the utter chaos if the police, fire and sanitation departments took up arms and went on a rampage?Well, the same is true in the case of a full-on "glial assault."The fallout from the attack can cause the brain to swell to dangerous levels...Which slows communication to a crawl...Leading to brain fog, poor memory, difficulty focusing... and an overall slower, sluggish brain that leaves you less efficient and less independent.No wonder it feels like our brains have aged 15 years in the last 3!

In my expert opinion, it's no exaggeration to say that the last few years have left a permanent mark on the brain...Which is why it's up to us to fight back and minimize the damage...Which I'm about to show you.Just think back to what it was like in the beginning of this whole covid ordeal...The days turning into weeks...Weeks into months...And months... into years.

All that talk about "flattening the curve" seemed to disappear after a while... and before we knew it, we were settled into a "new normal" that none of us asked for.Your brain is an amazing and wonderful thing... it absorbs and stores information we're not even aware of...And all those moments of stress and worry start to pile up...Leaving you with a brain that is overworked, overstressed and overloaded...And that's what triggers brain inflammation - and all the unwanted symptoms that come with it.That's not just a hypothesis, by the way.Remember that Harvard study I mentioned, that confirms the pandemic has triggered brain inflammation that affects mental health? 2The study, published in Brain, Behavior & Immunity, wanted to understand how stress resulting from the pandemic affected the brain and mental health...So they analyzed brain imaging data between folks whose information was gathered before lockdown, and 15 people after the stay-at-home measures were implemented.The brain imaging showed the 15 people tested after the restrictions were put into place had elevated levels of two markers of neuroinflammation, or brain swelling - translocator protein and myoinositol - compared to those tested before lockdown.Higher levels of translocator protein in certain parts of the brain has been connected with mood imbalance, as well as mental and physical fatigue.Lead author of the study Ludovica Brusaferri, HMS postdoctoral research fellow in radiology at Massachusetts General Hospital, says

"While COVID-19 research has seen an explosion in the literature, the impact of pandemic-related societal and lifestyle disruptions on brain health among the uninfected has remained underexplored."

Brusaferri went on to call the study "an example of how the pandemic has impacted human health beyond the effects directly caused by the virus itself."Once again, as a person who has studied the brain for his entire career, this study's findings are not the least bit surprising.Why?Because one thing we absolutely know about the human brain is that it requires social stimulation.It requires community. And isolating a person is, without question, one of the very worst things you can do to a brain.So I'm sorry to say... I saw this coming...And I knew that if we were forced to isolate ourselves for long periods of time, our brains would be impacted in a very negative way.You might be old enough to remember about thirty or so years ago, when folks who wanted to adopt a child found they might have an easier time if the child were from Romania...This was the result of some truly horrifying national policies from Romania's last communist regime, and as a result, the conditions of their orphanages were made public...And they were nothing short of a horror show.Tiny babies being discarded for the slightest "deficiency"...Children laying in their own waste and living on gruel...And worst of all, there was a total lack of a parent or giver - an "attachment figure" as child development expert John Bowlby calls them.Well-intentioned Americans intervened and adopted - or perhaps the better word is "rescued" - these Romanian orphans from this living nightmare...I even know a few folks who completed the adoption process and welcomed these children into their families...And each one told me the biggest concern they had was that the children were all disconnected, detached, and stunted - physically, mentally and emotionally.And why was this?


ISOLATION.That's what isolation does to a human, in both mind and body.The orphans got to their new homes in America, and their emotional and anger issues, coupled with severe learning disabilities as a result of not being able to socialize, were crystal-clear.I saw it first-hand. It still haunts me.This doesn't just affect kids. If you don't believe me, imagine for a moment you found yourself the newest inmate at a maximum security prison.All your freedoms have been stripped away...You're not a citizen -- you're a ward of the state.Your neighbors, peers and "friends" - the only people with whom you can socialize regularly...Are some of the most dangerous, most heinous, and most repulsive people imaginable.The worst of the worst.Is your first thought, "I just need to stay as far away as I can from these people"?Well, experts say that feeling won't last, because being among even the most vile criminals imaginable is preferable to isolation.And guess who knows that well? The justice system.

Why else would solitary confinement be the most severe punishment they impose on prisoners?Well, it turns out, our brains are so hard-wired to socialize, we would rather interact with killers and thugs than be left alone for long periods of time.Perhaps that's why experts on torture have called for a worldwide ban on the practice of prolonged solitary confinement.

Now of course, my concern at the moment isn't the mental health of our most hardened criminals...It's the mental and emotional health of you and your family...And all the people who were forced into isolation as a result of the pandemic.And even though our situation wasn't as severe as the type of solitary confinement practiced in prisons around the world...There's no question it's left a real, lasting mark on your brain.The REAL question is... how severe a mark is it?Unfortunately, we just don't know yet...That groundbreaking study by Harvard is the first of what I'm sure will be many, many investigations on the long-lasting damage the pandemic-imposed isolation will have on our brains...Yet I can confidently tell you... the findings won't be good.That's why I tried to warn the government and let them know that forbidding contact with one another would lead to a swollen, less capable brain...To no avail.It will probably be another 10 years before we fully understand the scope of damage this "new normal" had on our brains...However, as one of the world's foremost brain health specialists, I can tell you something that I absolutely know for a fact...We need to interact with each other. We need social stimulation.That feeling of happiness and contentment you experience after seeing an old friend or family member?

Grandfather and grandson hugging

That's how your brain feels after it's been given its most essential nutrient: interaction.This need for company is how the human species survived...Our prehistoric ancestors needed to stick together in order to survive, and the presence of other human beings ensured protection and support for themselves and their offspring. 3Years later, nothing has changed...We may not be trying to avoid predators in the wild or hunting for our next meal...Yet we are predisposed to seeking the company of others. When our brains are denied social sustenance...We suffer.How so?Let me give you some uncomfortable truths...

These are the 5 Most Dangerous Consequences of Swollen Brain

Number one... Brain fog.Ever walk into a room and wonder, "Why did I come in here?"Or have to look at your watch multiple times just so you can register what time it is?Or be unable to recall important details from your life, like names, locations and significant events?That is what we call brain fog, and it's made much worse by brain inflammation.That's because brain inflammation slows down the firing between neurons, meaning the information you need passed to and from different parts of the brain are slowed down, and you feel more sluggish as a result. 4Many of my clients complain about not being as sharp as they used to, and they assume it's because of their age, or even genetics...When in fact, it's their swollen brain.

Brain fog

Number two consequence is mood imbalance, anger and depression.Bad days happen, there's no doubt.Days when you just don't feel like yourself, and everything feels dull and gray...However, a swollen brain makes those feelings much more difficult to manage.This affects the personality... and these changes affect not only you but the people you're closest to as well.We tend to tell people to "just cheer up," or "get some fresh air"...Yet these issues may require something more than an attitude adjustment.Remember, the brain is your body's "control center" and it's solely responsible for managing feelings of anger, frustration and anxiousness.Do you feel lately you've been more tense, irritable and, let's just put it frankly...A little unpleasant?Why is that?Well, again - it may not have anything to do with your choices or a short fuse...It could be because of brain inflammation.A happy, healthy brain of normal size filters out those feelings of anxiousness, frustration and anger...

Just like how an air filter in a car removes unwanted, dirty air.Without it, you would be riding in a car filled with dirty air all day.Imagine how bad driving would be if the dust, dirt and pollution stayed in your car without being filtered out?

Well, the same thing goes on in the brain.You need a relaxed, healthy brain to keep the atmosphere clear, crisp and pleasant.Otherwise, it can feel nearly impossible to stay calm or keep your mood balanced...And over time it can even lead to depression.Inflammation in the brain releases inflammatory cytokines, which act like messengers between organs and alert the body to fight infection.However, these inflammatory cytokines can also reach the brain and affect critical cellular processes involved in regulating mood and behavior. 5Markers of inflammation have also been found to be elevated in people who suffer from depression compared to non-depressed people. And in fact, one study examined twins who share 100% of the same genes...And the study found that the twin who had a higher CRP concentration (a measure of inflammation) was more likely to develop depression five years later. 6And a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry has found clinical depression is associated with a 30% increase of inflammation in the brain. 7

Depressed and fatigued woman

The third consequence of brain inflammation is chronic fatigue.If you just don't feel like you've got enough "pep in your step" since the pandemic started, it's probably not your imagination...Chronic fatigue is a direct symptom of brain inflammation, because when your brain is swollen, it compromises the "facilitation system" which is needed when we're fatigued, in order to boost signals from the motor cortex to keep our muscles moving.In other words, our brains don't have the capacity to send the appropriate signals to the rest of our body and our energy levels plummet.This was only recently confirmed in a Japanese study that found brains showing widespread neuroinflammation was present in those with chronic fatigue syndrome. 8When you're fatigued, you make less healthy choices, such as skipping a workout or eating so-called "comfort" foods that only serve to hurt your brain and overall health even more...So this really is a vicious cycle that needs to stop.

Meditating by the water

Now, the fourth consequence of a swollen brain is it compromises your homeostasis.Homeostasis is how we describe the state of steady, internal, physical, and chemical conditions in a living system. 9In other words, keeping your body in homeostasis means everything is running smoothly as it should.Brain inflammation affects many different parts of the brain, however one of the most consequential is the hypothalamus...Which is the region of your brain responsible for keeping your body in homeostasis.When the hypothalamus is affected, it becomes difficult to regulate everything from emotions to body temperature...And even your sex drive.Not only that, it plays a role in keeping your blood pressure and heart rate at optimal levels.To put it simply, brain inflammation can ruin your homeostasis and negatively affect you from head to toe, inside and out.And that's still not the most concerning risk of brain inflammation...Which is what we need to talk about right now.The 5th consequence I need to warn you about when it comes to brain inflammation...


Is that it increases your risk of Alzheimer's.Listen, over 50 years of practicing medicine and specializing in brain health...I can't tell you how hard it is - even today - to hear a patient tell me, tears in their eyes, that they're afraid...Because they think their brains are failing them.Not only are they experiencing the typical symptoms of brain fog... they fear it's getting much worse.And as I've said, this pandemic has aged our brains at least 15 years...Which is evident in the recent discovery of rampant brain inflammation that's occurred.And if brain fog, depression, chronic fatigue and a ruined homeostasis isn't enough to alert you to the seriousness of the situation...Hopefully this will be.

Brain Inflammation Is The "Missing Trigger" For Alzheimer's

I wish it weren't the case. I wish I could tell you the two weren't connected. Yet that's what the science points to...And in fact, a recent study found that inflammation in the brain drives the progression of dangerous amyloid plaque to the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's. 10A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge examined brain scans by subjects that detected inflammation and junk proteins present in front-totemporal dementia, or FTD.The researchers found that the more inflammation there was in a brain, the more harmful build-up of dangerous plaque there was.Dr Thomas Cope from the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at Cambridge said..."We predicted the link between inflammation in the brain and the build-up of damaging proteins... But even we were surprised by how tightly these two problems mapped on to each other."The study concluded that there may be a "vicious circle" where cell damage triggers inflammation, which in turn leads to further cell damage. 11Hopefully now, you understand that we're not just fighting a virus...


We're fighting what our response to the virus has done to us... and our brains.Covid-19 changed more than we ever anticipated. It took over a million Americans. Upended an economy. Completely altered everyday life.Those of us who survived are left picking up the piecesAnd now we know the truth... Or at least part of it.We know the pandemic has undeniably affected our brains.To what extent? It's hard to say... we won't really know for years.However, that does NOT mean you are helpless...Because as they say...The best defense is a good offense.And think of me as the head coach with 50 years of experience running the offense.I have the game plan.I know how to fight back against brain inflammation and get you back to pre-pandemic levels...So you aren't forced to confront the full damage this pandemic has done to your brain in 5, 10 or 20 years.And the best part is, this isn't going to be some fancy, expensive medication produced en masse by the suits at Big Pharma...Because I've always believed God has provided us with everything we need to survive and thrive...So if you're looking for answers to brain health...Look no further than Mother Nature.

And that's why I tell my patients:

The Key To Restoring Brain Health Isn't A Pill, It's A Protocol

And if you think the best approach to defeating brain inflammation is some potentially harmful medication, let me give you some stats...Each year, Big Pharma shells out almost $30 billion in order to market their products...And only about $6 billion of that goes directly to consumers.The VAST majority - about 68% or 20 billion dollars - is directed at doctors. 12In fact, 9 of the largest Big Pharma companies spend more money on marketing than on research and development... 13Just in case you were wondering where their priorities lie.Here's how it works...Each and every day, pharmaceutical companies send their attractive, well-spoken, gift-bearing sales reps into doctors offices across the country to try and schmooze us.They bring in samples of their company's latest and greatest medicine, of course...Yet that's not all they bring.They bring in lots of "swag": hats, pens, fleece sweaters, and more...All with their company's logo plastered on them.They do this because they want those doctors to recommend and prescribe their new product to as many patients as possible...Regardless of whether or not it will benefit the patient.And these sales reps are cunning... because they aren't just handing out branded pens...They're offering vacations, cars and sometimes...

Breifcase full of cash

Just briefcases full of cash.I know because it's happened to me many, many times before.Fortunately, I've developed a pretty good reputation in the medical sales rep community as "Dr. No."That means I'm not for sale, ever.I'm here to show my patients the best possible path forward to a life of abundant health and wellness...Using my knowledge and expertise.I am not, nor will I ever be, a shill for Big Pharma...And to their credit, they seem to have gotten the message - the free lunches stopped coming to my office a long time ago.Now, I tell you this because sometimes, the right steps toward treatment isn't always a pill, despite what those marketing geniuses in Big Pharma would have you believe.So let's get back to brain inflammation and trying to prevent Alzheimer's...Most brain medications operate in broad strokes, meaning they may decrease plaque in the brain...Yet that may be the wrong approach to take, depending on the cause of the dementia.And still, all the studies that have been done on various brain medications have never shown that any of them work well enough to reverse Alzheimer's disease...

Some say that's the best we can do with where we are in medicine today...Not me.Because the stakes are too high...This is YOUR brain we're talking about.YOUR memories. YOUR freedom and independence.

They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results...We need to move away from trying to "cure" Alzheimer's (and the brain inflammation that leads to it) and make a better effort toward preventing it from developing.When you change the approach, you change the results.Now, I'm willing to bet there's a part of you that agrees with this, because you probably wouldn't still be reading if you didn't think that maybe, just maybe...We need to go about improving brain health from a whole different direction.What if we didn't rely on Big Pharma's lab-created concoctions for brain health?What if, instead, we understood that by shifting the focus toward improving the health of the entire body, the brain's functions will improve?When the emphasis turns away from pharmaceuticals and onto various nutritional, environmental and emotional factors that contribute to brain inflammation...Real, lasting results can occur. I've seen it happen.We have an idea of the damage the pandemic has done to our mental strength as a result of brain inflammation.However, many experts - myself included - agree that simply turning to another anti-inflammatory drug is "short-sighted"...And in fact...

“A comprehensive strategy to address the underlying social issues that affect our mental health will yield better results that last longer.” 14

Listen, I've walked this road many times, well before the pandemic...I've been helping folks battle brain inflammation for decades...See, before I was a clinical brain health specialist...I was the lead nutritional scientist at the NASA astronaut program.In space, the brain is constantly swelling, due to microgravitySo it becomes a great challenge to prevent this...And back then, we had the full support of the American government, not to mention a huge budget to provide as much support to the astronauts' brains...Because in space, there's no help.Those astronauts are more alone and on their own than most of us can even imagine...And just one moment of "brain fog" or slip of the mind could be disastrous...Which is why these seemingly "minor" brain issues are no laughing matter to me...And it's also why I felt like it was up to me to confront the issue of "Pandemic Brain" head on, for the good of my country.Well, you're in good hands, because I know what I'm doing.Are you ready to get back what you lost during this pandemic?Are you ready to be the alert, sharp, quick-witted person you know you should be?Are you ready to finally put this pandemic in the rearview mirror and get on with your life... and not have to worry about long-term brain issues showing up later on down the road?If so... then the protocol I'm about to reveal is going to be the most significant step you take for your brain health all year.This is an easy-to-follow, effective strategy to defeat brain inflammation and get your brain back to its former glory... and possibly better than ever...Before lockdowns and masks and social distancing turned your world upside-down.Not only that, but following this simple method sets your brain up for success... for the rest of your life.Do you want to know how to avoid Alzheimer's?It's the same way you avoid a dam collapsing...You don't wait until the water is about to burst through the walls and cause catastrophic damage before you act.Instead, you repair the cracks the moment they appear.That brain fog you feel? The forgetfulness, poor memory, and inability to focus? The overwhelming stress and anxiety, and sour mood?Those are the cracks. And I'm about to provide the sealant...And it's not going to be another anti-inflammatory pill, either...This protocol will address the most important aspects of a healthy, happy brain, by utilizing what I call...

The 7 Pillars of Brain Health

Just like an effective formula, this protocol will incorporate different "ingredients" that have been proven over and over to be highly effective in boosting brain health..

Smiling & Gratitude

Pillar #1: Smiling & Gratitude

Yes, sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. Smiling can have an amazing effect on the health of your brain...And it's something I've utilized in my practice for decades.Whenever a patient of mine would be in my office, and they would tell me they've been feeling down, the first thing I tell them is to put a smile on their face...Simple enough, right?Well, then I tell them that if the smile drops before they leave my office, I'm billing them twice.That's how serious I am about smiling! Because studies have repeatedly shown that even if you just act happy, your brain will begin to believe it and shift your emotions accordingly."Act as if and you will become."And there's a specific way to instantly boost your happiness and get you smiling every single morning that I'm about to reveal, after I tell you about...

Get Moving!

Pillar #2: Get Moving!

Exercise for Americans dropped an alarming 32% among already active adults once stay-at-home orders went into effect... 15And for non-active Americans, that means physical activity became almost non-existent.That's a problem, because there's an undeniable connection between exercise and brain health.When you stay active, not only do you keep your body in shape and ward off obesity-related illnesses...You also keep your mind sharp!A study published in Neurology found that people who were fit as young adults had a better memory, stronger motor skills and a greater ability to stay focused and control emotions 25 years later when they were middle-aged. 16 17Now, if you think I'm about to drop an intense, military-style exercise regimen on you... think again.Like I said, this protocol is going to be simple for anyone to implement...And getting enough exercise to satisfy your brain and body health is probably much easier than you think...And it doesn't require any special equipment or athletic prowess.

Play the RIGHT Brain Games

Pillar #3: Play the RIGHT Brain Games

The worldwide revenue for brain games grew from $200 million to over $1 billion in 2012 and it's only continued to grow from there... 18And unfortunately, like any industry that gains popularity, it's attracted charlatans and hucksters.In fact, most of the popular brain games you see sold online may have sharp marketing...However, they're not proven to make you sharp.And I don't want you wasting your time and money on some slick, gimmicky game that doesn't do anything to restore your brain and boost overall cognitive strength.My unique protocol will not only show you what brain games to avoid...It'll also give you specific games that you can play every day - for free - to improve your brain power.These games will specifically target your "working memory" - that's the part of our brain that takes information you already know, and manipulates it to suit your surroundings.


Pillar #4: Music

I don't know about you, but I couldn't carry a tune with a 10-gallon bucket...And that's ok!You don't need to be musically gifted to utilize this important pillar of brain health.Simply listening to music can have huge brain benefits that help rejuvenate your brain and maximize cognitive strength...And a recent review found four different studies that concluded listening to music resulted in decreased levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokine IL-6, a commonly used marker of inflammation. 19However, there is a small catch...It's got to be a SPECIFIC type of music...Sort of...I'll explain in a minute... Right after:

Mind-Body Balancing

Pillar #5: Mind-Body Balancing

Did covid make you feel like you were being pulled in a million different directions... yet you had nowhere to go?Well, you're not alone... I felt that way too.Stress can have a huge impact on your memory and overall brain health...And too much of it can lead to brain inflammation and memory loss. 20Taking some time out of your day to decompress and relax your mind is going to be essential if you want to defeat "Pandemic Brain" and reduce brain inflammation.Never meditated a day in your life? Don't know how to even start?Maybe when you think of meditation, you're picturing a bunch of monks sitting in silence for hours and hours on end...Well don't worry, the simple method I use can be done by ANYONE, ANYWHERE...And it takes 5 minutes a day.I've been recommending this short routine to my patients for years and I've had people tell me it's now one of the most important parts of their day...Because it's THAT effective in calming stress and reducing anxiousness.

Keep a Journal

Pillar #6: Keep a Journal

Pretty simple, right?Well, only about 8 percent of the population actually keeps a journal... 21And that's too bad, because journaling has been proven to greatly help boost your memory and improve comprehension and memory capacity...As well as boost your mood and improve immune function... which is one of the main drivers of inflammation throughout the brain and body. 22It's one of the best things you can do for your brain, and I'll show you the most effective ways to journal - even if you haven't done it since childhood (or ever) - in just a second...Right after we talk about the 7th, and arguably most important, pillar of brain health...

Reduce Added Sugar & Eat Inflammation-Reducing Foods

Pillar #7: Reduce Added Sugar & Eat Inflammation-Reducing Foods

Remember, my time at NASA was spent as a nutritional scientist...Because it was my job to develop the nutrition bars that astronauts would eat while in the deep reaches of space...In order to prevent brain inflammation and keep their minds sharp.And there's no two ways about it... if you're serious about reversing the damage that's been done to your brain...We need to have an honest evaluation of sugar intake.Now, I'm not talking about the sugars you find naturally in fruits...For the most part, fruits contain enough nutrients to justify enjoying grapes, watermelon and other delicious fruits as long as you don't eat large quantities.I'm talking about the added sugars you find in sodas, cany, desserts...And even foods you may think are healthy, like granola bars, yogurt and ketchup.Sugar increases inflammation in the body, and new research shows that extends to the brain as well...One study in rats found that a high sugar diet increased brain inflammation and impaired memory. 23 24Studies endorsed by The Alzheimer's Society have shown that, over time, sugar can cause metabolic changes in the body that lead to Alzheimer's disease.And what this research has revealed is, it doesn't matter the source of the excess sugar, whether it comes from lemonade or chocolate cake. It all inflicts the same damage on the brain. 25Now, I'm not going to tell you that you can never, ever eat a cookie again...I'm all about moderation, and enjoying these "guilty pleasures" are part of what makes life worth living!However, I've got to give you the cold, hard truth, which is this: you're reading this because you haven't been operating with a fully charged brain...Your battery is low... and too much sugar is draining it.

The good news is, I have a whole list of delicious foods you can eat that will not only fill you up...They've been hand-selected by me as the absolute best foods on the planet for reducing brain inflammation and boosting overall cognitive health.

Each of these pillars have been aspects of different brain health regimens that I've recommended to patients over many years...And I never expected to be put in this position...Where I felt I had to bring each of them together in a cohesive, simple, effective way...Yet what we've learned so far about how our brains have been impacted by the pandemic...The science that already confirms my greatest fears about the brain becoming swollen as a result of the mandatory isolation...And the lasting effects of "Pandemic Brain" that we still don't even know about...I knew something had to be done...And I was the best person suited for it.That's when I decided it was time for me to gather all of my best knowledge, all of my expertise, and the very best natural methods I knew of for rejuvenating the brain...

That I developed the first ever:

Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol

I hope by now it's clear... if we're going to defeat Pandemic Brain and get you back to - and even better than - where you were before covid...Then it's going to take more than another one of Big Pharma's "solutions"...Remember, experts generally agree an anti-inflammatory drug is "short-sighted" for brain inflammation.This is different. This is a first-of-its-kind protocol...A brand-new, revolutionary method for reversing the damage caused to the brain by forced lockdowns and giving you the best brain of your life...I put everything I had in this protocol... because I know how high the stakes are.And with this heavily researched solution to combat "Pandemic Brain"...You will not only rejuvenate and heal your swollen brain today...You'll also help protect it against long-term brain issues that arise from brain inflammation...Like Alzheimer's.I knew I had to test this before I was able to present it to the general public (after all, I am a scientist, and I need concrete evidence before I can really believe in something).So I offered this to a few of my closest clients, friends and family members who I knew were feeling the effects of "Pandemic Brain."And I offered them my unique "Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol," which pinpoints the best way to implement the 7 Pillars of Brain Health into everyday life in a simple, balanced way...That helps you achieve optimal brain health levels without overwhelming you...And the feedback has been incredible.One of my clients, a 36-year-old man, told me the forced lockdowns have had a serious impact on his cognitive strength.The stay-at-home order completely threw off his daily rhythm, and all of a sudden, this otherwise healthy guy was sleeping poorly, having a hard time staying focused at work, and even found himself getting on the wrong road to work.So naturally, when he contacted me, he was quite alarmed...I told him to give my 7-week Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol a try, to see if it would make a difference...And here's what he had to say...

"When the pandemic hit, everything for me came to a grinding halt. My business, which requires me to visit different sites every day, completely stopped.And I was getting zero face-to-face interaction with the people I cared about most. I had just become an uncle, and my niece was maybe 5 months old when the lockdowns started. All I wanted was to be there for her birthdays and important milestones and suddenly, I couldn't.The separation from my family was taking a huge toll on me. I wasn't sleeping. I was losing my temper more than I ever have in my life. I knew this couldn't go on.I expected Dr. Sam to tell me to ride it out or something but instead he gave me this brain rejuvenation protocol and I figured I had nothing else to lose.I'm so glad I tried it, because I am so much more relaxed and feeling more mentally strong. Each aspect of the program seems to help fix a different issue that the pandemic caused. I swear I feel like I'm thinking more clearly than I ever have before. I'm so grateful to Dr. Sam for putting this together."

Finally, we have a strategy to fight back against brain inflammation caused by the pandemic. Now you can not only reverse the damage done to your cognitive strength...You can THRIVE in this post-covid world... While keeping your brain protected against more sinister brain issues down the road.It wasn't long until word spread and all my clients started asking me about this brand-new protocol...Because people were in shock at how it was changing lives.And after months and months of perfecting the entire program...I am thrilled to share, for the very first time to the general public...

Defeating Pandemic Brain EBook Cover

Defeating Pandemic Brain

How the Global Health Crisis Has Impacted Your Brain And the 7-Week Protocol to Regain Full Cognitive Strength

The world's first book solely dedicated to uncovering the truth about what the pandemic did to cause brain inflammation the factors that contributed to your declining brain health...And most importantly, the simple, 7-week protocol to defeat "Pandemic Brain" and enjoy stronger memory, better focus and a calmer, more relaxed mind.

No more scattered brain... no more flimsy, foggy memory...No more sour mood and lack of energy throughout the day...And best of all... No more worry that you aren't doing everything you can to protect your brain against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.With this explosive new e-book, you finally take control back of your brain power.This is your secret weapon to defeating a swollen “Pandemic Brain” and staying sharp, quick-thinking and able to make informed, sound decisions for yourself and the people who matter most.Best of all, this isn't just another synthetic pill from Big Pharma that over-promises and under-delivers.I wrote this book specifically to help you hit the “REFRESH” button on your brain and help you regain what's been lost over the past few years.In just a matter of weeks, you're going to experience a total brain rejuvenation, as your thoughts become more clear, your ability to remember important names, dates and locations improves, and you feel naturally lighter, less stressed, and able to take on the day's challenges without the familiar feelings of anxiousness.After working tirelessly for over 6 months to perfect this protocol, trying it myself and selecting a few early "testers" - one of whom you just heard from...I was intrigued, to say the least...And I knew it was ready to show you today.At the heart of this groundbreaking book is my revolutionary "7-Week Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol"...Which is carefully crafted to guide you through different "challenges" each week...Each of which will help you fight back against pandemic-induced brain swelling in a thoughtful, controlled manner...Utilizing the 7 Pillars of Brain Health I just outlined.

Couple on the beach

I created this program with the purpose of easing you into small lifestyle changes that gradually make a BIG difference in brain health.It would have been much easier to simply tell you, "Here are the pillars of brain health, now implement all of them right away!"However, I know for a fact that would have a near-zero percent success rate.We're talking about making a shift in your daily routine, which is not easy to do...That's why we start very slowly, like dipping your toes into a pool of water.Eventually, we'll get your knees in the water, then waist-deep...And before you know it, you'll be swimming comfortably.That sounds a lot better than just throwing you in the deep end, doesn't it?Listen, I have taken every aspect of brain health that I know to be an effective tool for fighting off inflammation...And put it in this one-of-a-kind program, just for you.What would it be worth it to you, if you could...

  • Defeat "Pandemic Brain" so that you no longer go through your days with brain fog, lack of focus and poor memory
  • Feel more vibrant and confident than you have in years, because you no longer have a slow, sluggish brain holding you back from accomplishing all your goals
  • Enjoy a steel-trap memory which allows you to recall even the tiniest details from your life and impress family and friends with your precise recollection
  • Be able to make fast, sound decisions that keep yourself and your family safe
  • Eliminate brain inflammation that could lead to dangerous neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's
  • Enjoy all-day energy, instead of the constant fatigue that drains you of that "pep in your step"
  • Feel like a "good energy magnet" because your mood is improved, you experience less stress and you're able to manage tense moments of the day like a champion which attracts people to you instantly
  • Be the happy, healthy, quick-witted person you KNOW you deserve to be
  • Finally put this pandemic behind you once and for all, and not have to worry about the lasting effects on the brain that the rest of the country will surely be feeling years from now
Woman in convertible

It's all within reach, thanks to "Defeating Pandemic Brain"Now sure, you could put your faith in another synthetic drug from Big Pharma that you can barely pronounce, let alone understand...Remember though, experts agree that an anti-inflammatory pill for a swollen brain is short-sighted, and a full-body lifestyle approach is thought to be much more effective...Not to mention, all you'd be doing is lining the pockets of those fat cats of the giant pharmaceutical corporations.This is the only program created specifically to respond to the damage the pandemic has done to your brain...And the ONLY program you'll ever see like this that was designed top to bottom by the world's leading expert on brain health...Who happens to be a former NASA scientist."So how can I get my hands on Defeating Pandemic Brain?"Great question!To be honest, I'm being extremely careful with how many copies I release to the public, at least for the first 12 months...Because the more it circulates and increases in popularity, the higher the likelihood that it'll be subjected to cheap knockoffs...Not to mention, when Big Pharma gets wind of this...They'll do everything they can to get it wiped off the face of the earth.If that sounds dramatic, you should know that I've been down this road with the U.S. government TWICE...Where I had to go toe-to-toe with the powers-that-be who wanted to make my simple, effective alternatives to Big Pharma disappear...Simply because I was taking money out of their hands.That said, I don't want anyone to suffer the embarrassment, pain, discomfort and fear that comes from having a poorly working brain...Which is why in the next few minutes, I'll share how you can get your very own copy of Defeating Pandemic Brain...And begin your very own "Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol"...So that the next time you are trying to solve a complex situation in your everyday life...Or recall an old memory you haven't thought about in years...Or simply stay focused and "locked in" when your family is depending on you...You'll be ready.I'm completely confident that this revolutionary book is going to change your life for the better. Get yourself and your loved ones started with Defeating Pandemic Brain today.

I'm about to show you how you can get your very own copy of Dr. Sam's brand-new book, Defeating Pandemic Brain, today.When Dr. Sam first created his "Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol" for a select number of patients, it wasn't long before they began to tell all their family and friends.Now, at this point, there was no detailed book like what we have today - merely an instruction guide to gauge the results for the early testers.And now that word has started to spread, we're getting inquiries for this amazing program every day...Which is easy to see...After all, concern about how our brains have been altered as a result of the pandemic is growing every day, and that Harvard study referenced by Dr. Sam confirms that our brains have suffered from excess inflammation...As a result of the mandatory lockdowns.Now, due to demand, Dr. Sam has taken his 50 years of expertise on brain health, and customized this protocol to specifically help reverse the "swollen brain" that has affected you without you even realizing.And now, we're happy to offer this brand-new, doctor-approved book for you today.Dr. Sam recently made this groundbreaking book available to his clients for $99.95...And those folks happily paid this premium price and, as you've heard, have been thrilled with the results...And remember, this wasn't even a full book -- simply the first iteration of the Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol...Yet today, you won't have to pay anywhere near that price.Here's why...In the efforts to show people all over America that simple behavioral changes in a thoughtful, carefully planned manner will be much more beneficial for your brain than some pill from Big Pharma...We want more people to share their results they get from the Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol...So that we can minimize the long-term damage this pandemic will have on our country.We are literally in a race against time...And since you've read this special report all the way through, you won't pay $99.95You won't even pay $79.95 or even $59.95...When you act right now, you'll be able to get access to Defeating Pandemic Brain for only $47...That's 53% off the regular price.To get started, click the Add to Cart button below.

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Think about it... you'd pay more than $47 for a week's worth of coffee at Starbucks in order to try and wake up your slow, sluggish brain...And that coffee isn't actually going to do anything for your brain in the short-term, other than making you jittery and wired for a little while...And it sure won't do anything to combat pandemic-related brain inflammation...For just a few dollars a week, you get a comprehensive, effective, 7-week program that will reduce brain swelling and set you up for a healthy, active, sharp brain... for life.Not to mention all the other crucial information in this jam-backed new book.However, there is a catch to this offer, so let me explain...Because of the deep discount we're offering, we're only able to set aside a small number of orders at this low price...So please do not hesitate to claim your copy and save.Also, you'll remember Dr. Sam mentioned that he did his very best to warn our leaders about the dangers of holding everyone in captivity for months and months on end...Only to be ignored...And now that he's blowing the whistle on the powers-that-be...The "establishment" isn't going to be very happy with him.And as he mentioned, he's already had to go toe-to-toe with the U.S. government twice in his career...So it could be a matter of time before the suits show up at his private practice in Arizona and tell him to shut this offer down.

Which means, if you're serious about reversing the damage from the pandemic and giving yourself the best brain ever FOR LIFE…
Couple on iPad

Then it really makes sense to claim your copy of Defeating Pandemic Brain now before we're either shut down, or our small number of discounted e-books are all claimed.But that's not all...If you're ready to accept this challenge and start reversing the damage that the pandemic-caused inflammation has done to your brain, that's great...And it's about to get even better.You see, we want to ensure that you have everything you need to get back to optimal brain health as quickly as possible.That's why, when you claim your copy of Defeating Pandemic Brain today, you'll also receive two free gifts valued at $79.90...

Free gift #1,
The 7-Day Brain Boost Program,
a $19.95 value

The 7-Day Brain Boost Program

Remember, the 7th and arguably most important pillar of brain health is to reduce your added sugar, as well as consume foods that will help reduce inflammation throughout your brain and boost overall cognitive function...Well, it would be easy to simply give you a list of these foods and wish you the best of luck...Yet we're going to do much better than that...You see, we understand that many people want to eat healthier foods that will benefit their brain (and body)... they just don't know where to start...Or worse, they're worried all they'll be able to eat is a stick of celery and some mineral water every day.Not true!And to prove it, we created the 7-Day Brain Boost program, which will give you 21 recipes - breakfast, lunch and dinner, over a whole week - in order to put you on the right track to a better brain.These are delicious, simple meals that will not only satisfy you...They'll help you enjoy faster thinking, better memory and enhanced focus...All while reducing brain inflammation and reducing oxidative stress!Each meal contains exact ingredients and step-by-step instructions that even folks who aren't exactly Julia Childs can easily understand!And this isn't rabbit food, either...In this amazing book, you'll find recipes for foods you already love...Like chicken tenders...Penne pasta...Hearty chili...And even fruity smoothies!Once you try these simple yet delicious meals, you'll want to make them over and over again...While adding your own "spin" on the recipes and even coming up with some of your very own!

Free gift #2,
Hope Against Alzheimer's,
a $59.95 value

Hope Against Alzheimer's

This one-of-a-kind book catalogs the world's best brain health experts and the treatments they're using right now that you can try AT HOME...So that you can stop brain decay and stay sharp, independent, and healthy...And best of all, stay vigilant and prepared in the fight to prevent Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.This book is 13 chapters and dives into the deep details of brain health and Alzheimer's that you simply cannot find in one place, including:

  • Revolutionary treatment methods from 7 brain health experts that patients are implementing RIGHT NOW to fight back against Alzheimer's
  • The first person to successfully REVERSE Alzheimer's and dementia
  • The four types of Alzheimer's disease and the warning signs of each
  • Take the quiz: Are You Unknowingly Contributing to Alzheimer's Disease?
  • The amazing power of coconut oil for the brain (and how you should be using it)
  • Connecting mitochondria to brain health
  • How to use sound, light and movement to reverse brain damage
  • The "brain reset" exercise done with oxygenation and muscle resetting
  • And much, much more

Together, these books have a value of $79.90, and today you get them absolutely free.Remember, there's never been any book in the world quite like "Defeating Pandemic Brain," because Dr. Sam was the first person to understand the devastating effects forced lockdowns would have on the human brain...And now you've got the tools to fight back and make sure you don't encounter more sinister brain issues down the road...When Dr. Sam wrote this book, he carefully curated his unique "Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol" so that anyone could follow along and complete the program...And therefore undo the damage of brain inflammation that's been inflicted upon your brain over the last couple years.Plus, each order comes with our 180-day money-back guarantee.That's right, you're completely protected by our no-questions-asked, 180-day money-back guarantee.

Money Back

We are so confident that you will love the results you get when you discover all the valuable information inside Defeating Pandemic Brain - as well as the improved cognitive strength you'll notice when you start fighting back against a tired, swollen brain...That we'd like you to take this Brain Rejuvenation Challenge.Simply take the Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol - our simple, 7-week solution to reversing swollen brain - and if you don't notice a totally revitalized brain, more clarity, more mental energy, less overall fatigue...And a crystal-clear memory...Simply reach out to our friendly, U.S.-based customer service team and we will refund every cent of your purchase.That means you have 6 months to complete the 7-week challenge, read all the additional information both in Defeating Pandemic Brain and the two free bonus books...Then critically evaluate how much better your brain feels.After reading the stories of overwhelming success from our early clients, we are confident you too will love the way you feel.That's why we've created this 180-day full money back guarantee to allow you to try Defeating Pandemic Brain totally risk-free. Don't miss out.Now before I go, I feel it's important to let you in on something.You see, we're dedicated to protecting you from fake knockoffs...And in an effort to make sure you always get the lowest possible price, we've cut out any "middle-men" and created this special web page for a very limited time.Defeating Pandemic Brain isn't available on any third-party website or online book store.

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This allows us to ensure your calls and emails are handled by our in-house team of health specialists located right here in the U S of A...And not outsourced to overseas call centers.In fact, we pride ourselves on providing world-class customer service from how we deliver your digital goods to how we answer your calls and emails.Remember, Big Pharma will NOT be happy when they catch wind of this.The idea that the general public could be made aware that the secret to reversing brain inflammation and preventing long-term brain issues like Alzheimer's ISN'T another dangerous medicine…But rather a simple, effective lifestyle-based protocol?That's something they're going to want to shut down as fast as they can...Especially knowing it's been written and created by a world-renowned brain health expert and former NASA scientist.I want you to become the healthier, happier, more vibrant, more youthful person that you deserve to be.Maybe you haven't felt like that person in a few years. Maybe it's been longer.Whatever the case may be, you simply can't feel or be your best when you've got a brain that's lagging behind.The specialized Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol contained in this book is your best, easiest, safest and most effective method to stopping brain inflammation and getting the best brain of your life.Remember, we're only offering this low price for a very select number of "action takers," and once all of those copies are claimed, this web page will disappear forever...And you'll have to pay full price... for as long as we can keep this product for sale.So here we are

Woman standing near question marks written in chalk

You're standing at a fork in the road, staring down two possible paths...Now, we know what's on the road behind you, that got you to this fork...That road is full of fear, uncertainty, confusion, and betrayal by our elected leaders...It's not YOUR fault that you've ended up here. YOU didn't decide to impose a lockdown on the entire country. Yet that's the reality.Now, the road on your left leads to MORE disappointment, fear, uncertainty...Because you will continue to suffer from brain inflammation and all the awful symptoms...Like brain fog, poor memory, lack of focus, fatigue, sour mood, anger, an imbalanced homeostasis...And of course, and increased risk of developing Alzheimer's down the road.As you travel this road, you'll likely stop and wonder why a short 7-week challenge to rejuvenate your brain seemed like it wasn't worth it...You're free to walk that road, and I truly wish you the best of luck...Yet I don't like your chances. Nothing personal, it's just that it's a lonely, treacherous road...And I've got about 50 years worth of good people who've gotten tripped up on that road...And never make it through.And yet, there is that other road... the road on the right...Where you are in total control of your brain, your body, your health and your future.On this road, your brain is restored to its full capacity and strength...

Person sketching picture of brain

You no longer worry about embarrassing "memory slips" or "senior moments"...You have a crisp, clear memory that allows you to recall names and dates from years and years ago, to the amazement of family and friends...Your focus and energy are higher than a grande cup of coffee ever provided, and without the crash...You're making sound, logical decisions quickly, which will benefit you and the people you care most about...Best of all, you are fully protected against the onslaught of long-term brain health issues that can arise from inflammation in the brain.Join us right now and begin your Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol.Please hurry though, because I can't stress this enough...You need to act now to secure your copy while we still have some at the enormous discount.Here's what you get...Because you've been with me all the way to this point, it's clear to me that you're serious about your brain health and you're ready to take action and give your brain the fuel it needs to overcome a swollen brain...And wind back the clocks to before this awful pandemic started.However, I must warn you, if the next page says "SOLD OUT"...I apologize in advance...Because what that means is that someone has already claimed the last bundle of Defeating Pandemic Brain, The 7-Day Brain Boost Program, and Hope Against Alzheimer's...And for now, you've missed out on this fantastic opportunity.I urge you not to let that happen.Click the button below, fill out your information and your copy of Defeating Pandemic Brain will automatically be sent to your email address...Along with your two FREE bonus books!And soon, you'll be experiencing a lighter, sharper brain that doesn't feel like it's "stuck in the mud" or lagging behind everyone else.And that's just the beginning, since the benefits only get better and better the longer you stick with your Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol!Just click the button below to see if we still have bundles available...Remember, when you select this bundle, you'll save 53% off the Defeating Pandemic Brain e-book, plus you'll get 2 more e-books - The 7-Day Brain Boost Program and Hope Against Alzheimer's, a $79.90 value - absolutely free!And remember, you're completely covered by our 180-day unconditional , no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.There have been dark days the last few years… And I hate to be the bearer of bad news, however I need to impress something upon you before we part...The dark days may not be over yet.This pandemic is like a cockroach that just won't die.New variants seem to be discovered every other week, and I don't know about you...But my faith in our leaders' ability to get us through this is pretty non-existent.Which means we may not know what's just around the corner...However, what I DO know is this...You need to make sure you have a strong, sharp, quick-thinking brain for what's to come...And that can't happen with a brain suffering from inflammation, which we know is running rampant throughout society.Your brain is your first and best tool... make sure it's in the best possible shape to work for you, not against.

Brain scan

And the sooner you address brain inflammation, the better.Harvard's groundbreaking study confirmed my worst fear, and who knows what the studies tomorrow, next month or ten years from now will reveal...I have my guesses... I could be wrong...Yet I fear that I won't be.I know once you take this challenge, and rejuvenate your brain...You too will feel much sharper and more able to deal with the craziness we are still in...Now, take a stroll with me and just imagine the confidence and excitement you're going to feel as you complete your short, 7-week protocol...And that familiar brain fog... those embarrassing so-called "senior moments"... and memory slips that make you worried about your own independence...Become a thing of the past.

Imagine your focused, youthful mind, no longer vulnerable and unpredictable...Imagine a clear, crisp memory, and a balanced mood that makes you an absolute joy to be around...Then imagine all of this, and knowing you've done everything you possibly can to protect yourself against brain issues down the road...And your chances for enjoying a strong, healthy, active brain for life are now much, much higher.

With Dr. Sam and his amazing research, and his cutting-edge, revolutionary new protocol...You now have the best possible team in your corner, helping you fight the good fight.Dr. Sam Walters has dedicated his life to helping others enjoy total brain health...And he knew that the best response to the damage the pandemic has done was a thoughtful approach that utilized his 7 Pillars of Brain Health in a way nobody has ever tried before...And now is your chance to be his next success story.It's time you get back in the driver's seat It's time you take control back in your life...It's time for you to move the pandemic to the ash heap of history and finally move on.I speak for the entire Vitality Now team when I say we couldn't be more excited to work with you and help you along the new path you're choosing today.We're incredibly proud of you and we want you to know that we'll be here for you, every step of the way...Throughout your entire 7-week program and beyond.Click the Add to Cart button below, and you'll be taken to our secure servers that are scanned daily by Norton and are encrypted with the latest 228-bit SSL encryption.If you don't reach an "error" message on the next page, that means we still have bundles available for you at the enormous discounted price.

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Then simply add your payment information and click "Complete My Order."Within minutes, you'll receive your digital copy of "Defeating Pandemic Brain," along with your two FREE bonus books"The 7-Day Brain Boost Program" and "Hope Against Alzheimer's."Click on the button below and let's get started.Remember, you must act quickly as supplies are limited, so don't delay.There's no investment on the planet that gives you a bigger return than investing in your brain health.Accept the challenge and start your Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol today, totally risk-free, with nothing to lose.And trust me, you really have to experience this amazing new program to believe it.If you have any questions, concerns or comments, simply give us a call. Our toll-free number is 1-800-599-0746. You can also dial that number to place your order by phone.It is our pleasure to bring you this exciting, bold new strategy to fighting back against brain inflammation with Dr. Sam's Defeating Pandemic Brain...And I hope you will take this opportunity now to get started at a huge savings off the regular price.Don't forget, today only you're saving 53% off the regular price, PLUS getting two free bonus books valued at $79.90.Think about it - what is a better investment than your long-term health?Without brain health, it's hard to enjoy all the wonderful things life has to offer...And it's time you get back to soaking it all in, with a clear, crisp, healthy brain.Click the link below and start your rejuvenation today.You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Order now.You still there?... If so, that means you probably still have some questions for me. Let me take a moment to answer some of our most frequently asked questions, it may very well answer yours.

The first question is, how soon will I receive my order?

You'll receive your order almost instantly after you complete your purchase on the next page. We'll send you a confirmation email with a link to download your .pdf version of Defeating Pandemic Brain, along with links to the .pdf versions of your two free e-books. All of them can be saved right to your computer, tablet or smartphone so you can access them whenever you need!

Next question is, what makes Defeating Pandemic Brain unique?

This is the first book and first brain rejuvenation program created as a direct response to how our brains have been affected by the pandemic, as confirmed by a Harvard study. Long-term isolation and lack of socialization has caused widespread brain inflammation and made us slower thinking, more stressed, more angry, and overall worse off. Dr. Sam Walters, the world's foremost expert on brain health, created this program because he believes the most effective way to reverse pandemic-caused brain swelling is to implement small, gradual changes in your daily lifestyle that will have fast and lasting effects on your overall brain power. Each element of the "Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol" is carefully crafted to address different aspects of brain health. When combined in a thoughtful, strategic way, Dr. Sam firmly believes you can undo the damage caused by the pandemic and even enjoy a stronger, healthier brain than ever before.

Question three is, how will I know if the program is working on me?

Our early testers have found that upon completing the protocol, they're able to recall details from their lives more quickly, and feel overall more focused on tasks. They also report feeling much less stressed and in better moods throughout the day, as well as having more energy to stay productive and active, even when the typical "afternoon crash" would normally hit. Your results may vary, however what we can guarantee is if you stick with the program, you'll fully agree that your brain is working better and more efficiently than it has since the lockdowns started.

The next question is, what happens if I have any questions or if I'm not completely satisfied with my results?

We pride ourselves on our customer service. That means if you have any questions, concerns or comments about your purchase, the Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol, or anything else, we want to hear it! You can simply reach out to us at the toll-free number 1-800-599-0746, or simply send us an email at Our friendly customer service team, based right here in the U.S., will be happy to help with anything you need. And that includes if you're in any way unsatisfied with your results! We offer a no-questions-asked, 100% money back guarantee within 180 days of purchase. That means you have plenty of time to go through the Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol, read the bonus books and evaluate the results you achieve. If we don't meet your expectations, simply reach out to us and we'll make sure your entire purchase is refunded.

The last question is, can I buy Defeating Pandemic Brain in stores?

No. We want to cut out the middleman and make this crucial information as accessible as possible for you. That's why we've created this 100% digital product, so that you get all the information you need delivered right to you, instantly. Access to this life-changing book and the one-of-a-kind Pandemic Brain Rejuvenation Protocol are only available on this special web page, for a very limited time. So please don't delay. Get the best brain of your life today and click the link below!

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